A downloadable Virtual Reality Game

HTC Vive version soon - Reworked control mechanics for the Vive (much more fun now)

Room-scale movements set as default
(Note: Press "R" or Gamepad left analog stick to switch between seated mode or room-scale)

Oculus runtime version

Summary: Dodgeball (try hopping!) X Whack-a-mole

Free to Play - Oculus Runtime

A World's End is a grid-restricted first person shooter game made specifically with Virtual Reality in mind - currently supports Oculus Rift only. It's an 'arcade-style', fast-paced, short and easy fun game!

Blast up your enemies and dodge their attacks by moving physically! Choose from a variety of skillsets, from timeslow to different area of effect abilities, to survive as long as possible and get a high score. Unlock different stages, worlds and abilities.

Your World is ending. In what seemed to be a blink of an eye, there is total destruction around you. Or perhaps it has been a hundred years?
No one to be seen anywhere, but you find portals leading to unknown places. Travel to different worlds and hopefully you uncover what has happened...

• Made for VR and great for Demos
• Casual - for all ages and VR newbies
• Short round times [Approx. 2 minutes]
• Easy to pick up

• Unique locomotion [Press "R" or Gamepad left analog stick to switch from Seated mode]
a. Restricted "room-scale": Physically hop/step in 4 directions [Default]
b. Seated - Using Gamepad or WSAD
* Please see below for a more in-depth description of movement

▪ Achieve the highest kill score
▪ Grid-based enemy spawns & restricted movements
▪ Survive to the end of stage
- Waves of enemies with increasing difficulty
- Dodge projectiles while blasting up enemies
- Defeat a 'Boss' at the end of the level

▪ Select skills
- Basic skills with unrestricted use / no cooldown
- Powerful abilities have kill-count CD requirements
- Swap at any point in time even during battle

▪ Complete objectives to unlock levels, worlds and skills
- Currently 2 Worlds, 10 Levels and 9 different skills and more to come

Mechanics called the 'Steps'. Contrary to the popular teleportation or 'increasing acceleration' locomotion, this instead has a quick acceleration, teleporting to mid path then a deceleration so you will feel like you are stepping/sliding/dashing. Teleport mechanics is also available, press T to toggle.

The Seated experience should be pretty comfortable, and 'Room-Scale' variation is pretty OK but tracking needs more optimization.

[Coming Soon!]
Overhaul of abilities casting - Hand Gestures and motion controllers for HTC Vive

Install instructions

Game is created using Unreal Engine 4.11 and runs on Oculus Runtime (DK2 or Oculus CV1)

1) Unzip file

2) Open Folder "AWorldsEnd"

3) Adjust the DK2 front camera or CV1 cameras and make enough space. Ensure that your rift is positioned in the centre of your play area

4) Open Oculus app and ensure that "enable unknown sources" is checked

5) Doubleclick File "NineGrids" -

6) If necessary, install any pre-requisites as prompted

7) Game loads in VR view automatically (hit alt enter otherwise), refer to in game instructions

8) If a black screen is shown, press gamepad "A" or put on the rift and look at the Oculus health warning

9) Put on Oculus Rift and try taking large steps or a small jump to test if movement tracking is done properly
-> there's a 0.6S Cooldown for each step

10) Use Gamepad or Mouse to test if the abilities are working
(aim at the logs, not the enemies)





A World's End (SDK 1.3) 1 GB


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